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How we work


1. Collect solid soap from hotels

  • Agreement is signed with hotels and chains that want to participate
  • The hotels collect the used soaps in appropriate containers
  • The hotels mail the used soap containers via the postal service
  • Training and motivation of housekeeping staff (implication)
  • Marketing for hotel clients (info in the bathroom/room,..)
  • Donation request to support the work of the Foundation

2. Recycle soap

  • Cooperate with organizations active in providing jobs positions helping reintegration in the workplace for handicapped persons
  • Recycle solid soap waste into new soap bars
  • Hygiene and sanitary control and testing by a laboratory
  • Storage on site until dispatching to specific programs

3. Sanitary help for children and population in danger

  • Contact NGOs working on improvement of health and hygiene in countries in need
  • Distribution of soap bars through the local NGOs correspondents
  • Feedback to the participating hotels and on our website

SapoCycle – the Film (2’40”)