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Cécile Tardy


Cécile Tardy-Srinivasan

Tell us a bit more about yourself
I’m French, and have been living in Basel for 8 years. I came to Basel to work for a Big Pharma company…and finally staid much longer than planned! I enjoy evolving in multi-cultural environments both in my personal and professional life.

Why are you volunteering at SapoCycle?
I came across SapoCycle through Dorothée’s talk at TEDx Basel. Having worked in Pharma/Healthcare most of my career, the “Bubbles saving lives” motto resonated with my aspiration to make a positive impact for people. Beyond this, what really appealed to me in the Fondation was the 3 pillars supporting Dorothée’s vision and the opportunity to have not only 1, but 3 impacts: environmental, social and humanitarian.

What do you offer to SapoCycle and what does it bring to you?
My background in business administration, as well as my experience in corporate finance & project management are helpful for the expansion to France we’re currently working on. Being trilingual (French / English / German) also helps to deal with daily operations with our partners (e.g. hotels, social institutions, NGOs) and requests from the hotels in Switzerland, Germany, Austria, France, etc.
With SapoCycle, I have discovered the social entrepreneurship world & non-profit organizations, very different from my 15 years in the corporate world, and it’s definitely refreshing! Dorothée & Cintia’s energy and optimism are contagious and it’s much fun to bring my “contribution to the construction” and support them in developing SapoCycle activities.