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Chloé Belamaric


Tell us a bit more about yourself
I am a student from the Ecole hôtelière de Lausanne in Switzerland. I had the chance to grow up in several countries, among diverse cultures and traditions. Experiencing these environnements made me realize how essential it is to be united when speaking for a cause. I decided to get involved in economic and social development as well as international human rights and environnemental issues.

Why are you volunteering at SapoCycle?
I am volunteering at SapoCycle as I really believe in the 3 pillars the foundation supports. It is a great idea that made a lot of things possible and among these, it allowed people to open their mind on the fact they can have an impact on the World by believing in their ideas and putting them into practice. SapoCycle Team has that great energy that motivates me to work with passion for this programme !

What do you offer to SapoCycle and what does it bring to you?

I was a trainee at SapoCycle as part of my bachelor programme. I was developping the projects in Cameroon then assistant project manager in Basel. I had such a great time being part of the team and getting into humanitarian actions that I decided to work for the foundation alongside my studies. I am now in charge of the social media and website management and help also in internal logistic.