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Cintia Jaime

Tell us a bit more about yourself
I am a social entrepreneur, artist and published writer, living in Basel since 1995. I developed numerous cultural events and festival of interdisciplinary and international character with relevant cultural impact. In 2013 I aimed for a change in my life. With my background in organisations and my degree as a lawyer ( University of Buenos Aires) I´ve started and completed a post-degree in “Non Profit Organisation Governance Leadership & Management” at the CEPS, University of Basel.

Why are you volunteering at SapoCycle?
SapoCycle gave me the opportunity to work in a project aiming to solve a social challenge, therefore to become a social entrepreneur. We started with Dorothee from scratch, in 2014 we had only questions marks. From the problematic of discarded soaps, the lack of hygiene in some countries and the will of having a local social impact to the legal, financial questions. How to approach the hotels? Which name would we give to this organisation? Everything was open and a big adventure. The excitment of starting a complete new model was what mattered the most to me.

What do you offer to SapoCycle and what does it bring to you?
I volunteer in SapoCycle because the foundation gives me the possibility to put my skills and knowledge into good practice, and to work for a meaningful cause. We are facing fast-growing scenarios, hotels are regularly increasing the deliver of discarded soaps, hotels and organisations from other countries are contacting us to implement our model. SapoCycle offers new challenges and I feel lucky I can contribute to ease this challenges, to give my support to develop scale-up strategies, and the organisation itself. I also enjoy to work within our team with a positive communication culture, is for me a very important reason to continue volunteering in SapoCycle.